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We offer our clients an international and Thai law service with professional standards. Situated in the fast-developing Bophut area of Koh Samui, our resident lawyers and consultants are qualified solicitors from United States of America, South Africa and of course Thailand.

Crawshaws Solicitors was established over 10 years by Michael Peart who has practiced as a lawyer in the UK and in Hong Kong for the previous 20 years or so until 2005 at which point, he opened this Samui office. At present, Crawshaws is headed by James Robert Cummiskey Jr., a U.S. qualified lawyer, licensed with the New York State Bar. 


Through our Koh Samui law office and our associates on the Thai mainland and abroad, we offer a full-service international law firm for our local and international clientele. Our experienced lawyers offer both an international outlook and a practical approach to the law combined with expert local knowledge. 

Our mission is to anticipate any legal hurdles, to prepare the client for them, and to apply our experience and diligence on behalf of our client. The client is thus empowered to move through the transaction with the kind of information and support that optimizes decisions and negotiations en route to the culmination of an agreement.

At Crawshaws Solicitors, Legal and Tax Consultant, we offer our clients the best in legal advice in Thailand and elsewhere. 

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